Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to Castlefield, a run and a visit.

Another catch-up post! I’ve been a bit remiss in updating the blog the last week or so. Truth is, I’ve not had a lot to report.

We spent Wednesday tied up the other side of Moore, working on Corbiere. Then Thursday we moved back to Dunham Massey. Just before we moved, one of the canal maintenance boats arrived, to do some reinforcing on an eroded bank. This involved hoisting in several large tree trunks! Simple, but effective.

Bank Repairs.
Across the valley, you can see the Victorian water tower, looking down with dismay on the new housing estates built on the edge of Norton.

Water Tower
We had 4 stops on the way back, the first at Moore for the Post Office, then Lymm for shopping, Stockton Heath at Thorn Marine and finally at Ye Olde No 3 for water.

Waiting for Carol at Moore
We left Carol at the pub, Sonja had decided to drive up for the night, and moved onto to near Bollington Aqueduct.

We spent Friday doing some more work on Corbiere, then Saturday morning set off early for Castlefield (again). We wanted to be there soon after lunch to make sure there was room for us. After a quick stop at Sale for a paper and a few bits, we arrived at the basin at around 13:00. On the way we had to watch out for boats out from Manchester University Rowing Club, and Trafford Rowing Club. They take up a lot of room, with the long sweeps, but they can certainly shift!

Rowing 8, Man Uni.
At the sanitary station, we were met by a couple of very hostile geese.

Angry Geese

One of them actually jumped on Meg’s back!

This is why…
On egg is broken, leaving just one viable.

Castlefield was busier than expected, but we slotted in on opposite sides of the arm to the Grocer’s Warehouse.

Moored in Castlefield.
I got my head down for a couple of hours, in preparation for Sunday.
It was quite a miserable day compared to the recent weather, a lot cooler, and raining most of the way. Sunday’s forecast is better, cool start, warmer later, dry with a small breeze. Good running weather!

The Manchester 10K has become the biggest event of this distance in the UK. This year it attracted 31,000 entries, and was oversubscribed several time over. We’re a bit short of pictures of the event, but here’s one of Mags with a new friend…
If you’re interested, more pics and news of the event are on Greatrun.

I had a good run, slightly faster than last year but about 12 seconds outside my best for the distance. Must do better! Jo Pavey had an excellent run. She’ll be running the 10k in Beijing in the summer for GB.

In the afternoon, we decided to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, just a few minutes walk from the mooring. The special exhibition is Gunther Van Hagen’s Body Worlds. I’ll not explain it, just go to the website. I found it fascinating, if a little macabre. The rest of the museum is worth a visit, and it’s free!

In the Air and Space Hall

The Power Hall
I was starting to flag a bit by 15:00, legs were a little tired and we’d all got separated, so I headed back to the boat for a rest. Had some tea, watched the coverage of the race on BBC2, took Meg for a walk and relaxed for the evening.

Locks 0, miles (since last post) 21

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