Friday, May 30, 2008

Back Towards Anderton, and Info on MV Chica.

The mooring at Devils Garden is a fine spot, with a big field alongside. We were woken up at 6 by a curious cow looking through the window, though!

Had a session of ball throwing with the dogs this morning. Poor Sealy rarely gets to it first, she usually gets trampled in Meg’s rush.
So when she does get it, she’s reluctant to let go!

Dangly Dog.
We left Carol behind when we left this morning, following along later. We had a nice gentle cruise to Dutton Lock, and had a chat with the lock keeper while waiting for the lock to empty. I was interested in the story of the wreck against the bank above the lock.

MV Chica
She was a Norwegian cargo boat, and was brought over here and converted to a hotel boat. She made regular trips between Anderton and the Runcorn Docks until 1993. That winter, the battery providing power for the bilge pump failed, and she foundered at her mooring. She’s been there ever since. Her history is pretty vague, and in some ways, downright contradictory! There’s a lot more information here.

We carried on and arrived at Saltersford Lock around 13:00, and were through by 13:40. We’d intended to carry on through to Anderton and then make the decision whether to go up the lift tonight or in the morning. But there’s a really attractive mooring just 10 minutes on from the lock, and it only had one boat on it, so we pulled in here for the night.

Me talking to the lock keeper in Saltersford Lock

Moored Near Barnton
The basin between Saltersford and Barnton Tunnels on the canal is just up the hill, and from there it’s a short walk into the village of Barnton.

Carol caught us up later, and pushed on to Anderton. Sonja’s coming tonight, and it’s not so remote there.

On the stretch between the locks, I spotted this coot chick (cootling?). Not a very good picture, I know, but the first I’ve seen.

Cootling and Mum

It’s been another fine day, but less sun than yesterday. Last night’s rain had cleared by this morning.

Locks 2, miles 5½

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