Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back on the Trent and Mersey

I took Meg for a long walk this morning. Up onto the canal between the tunnels, over Barnton tunnel and into the village for a paper, then along the road and back onto the river at Winnington Swing Bridge. Very enjoyable.
Then we set off, back to Anderton.

We met Carol at the bottom of the lift. She’d planned to do some shopping with Sonja and Laura in Northwich, then to cruise back down river to Devil’s Garden and stay there the night, coming back to the lift tomorrow.
So we left them to it, and I went up to the booking office to organise passage on the lift for just us. We were allocated a 12:30 slot, and were back out on the canal by 13:00.

Into the lift
Going up…

The trip boat was in the other caisson coming down, with everybody excitedly waving as they saw us come alongside. We were on our own in our tank.

It was pretty busy in Anderton, with boats on the canal and walkers on the paths, but we hadn't planned to stop here anyway. We carried on to our regular spot on the edge of Marbury Woods, with a water and rubbish stop at the services.

Moored Near Marbury Woods.

It’s been a fine, warm day, with a lot of sunshine. The forecast for the first day of June is not so good, though, with showers moving in.

The Weaver has been a revelation. Beautiful scenery, quiet moorings and a bit of industrial interest thrown in. The friendly BW staff are helpful and full of information about the river. They seem to really take an interest. We’ll certainly come back at some point. It’s a “get away from it all” place. While the T&M is teeming with boats, you can cruise for a morning on the river without seeing a soul, even at this time of year.

We were welcomed back onto the canal by Harry the heron, watching from a tree as we cruised past.
Near the services, a couple of proud parents were ferociously protecting their brood from boats and towpath walkers alike…..

I've added a couple more links to the Bloggers list on the right, Dogs on Tour and Living In Sanity. Both well worth a look.

Locks 0, Boat Lift 1, Miles 3½

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Geoff

I see that the Weaver has worked its charm on you exactly as it did us a year ago! We hope to be back on there very soon. Keep up with the blogging - I do love my cruise blogs and yours in recent weeks has been even better value than normal!

All the best