Friday, May 02, 2008

Fine weather, fine walk, fine cruise.

Our mooring over the last 2 days gave us beautiful views of the current “back garden”.

We decided to take a day off yesterday, so, after my morning run, I decided to have a walk up to Stoodley Pike. This is a monument built to commemorate the end of the Napoleonic Wars. This is actually a replacement. The original, built in 1815, collapsed after being struck by lightening. This one is 40 years younger.

Looking back down the valley to Old Royd Lock. The boats are in the middle of the frame.

On the way up to the monument, seen on the horizon.

At the top
The views looking west towards Todmorden. It was very windy, though.
Today we were off a little earlier than usual, at 09:00. Up through Old Royd Lock and had a look at a young goose family just above.

Then on into Todmorden, where we made 2 stops; one for water etc, and the other to nip to Morrisons near Wadsworth Mill Lock.

Library Lock is our second guillotine lock of the trip
The Great Wall of Tod, built to support the railway embankment above.
Next to Shop Lock in the middle of the town we came across an injured goose. It looks like it had been savaged by a dog.

Dog walkers please take heed - at this time of year geese, ducks and swans can be aggressive in protection of their nests or even territory. It’s likely that this poor chap stood up to a dog and came off worse. Please keep your dogs on a lead where there is waterfowl around.
A local woman had rung for the RSPCA, but it’s unlikely it would survive.

From Todmorden, the canal climbs through a succession of locks, all close together. I’ve spent more time off the boat than on, today.

Gauxholme Locks.
Railway Bridge near Gauxholme.
We stopped just after Winterbutlee Lock, with splendid views ahead.
It’s been a beautiful day, just one short shower to mar the sunny warm weather.

Locks 14, miles 2½

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