Monday, May 28, 2007

We moved down to Preston Brook, and waited just past the motorway bridge for our guests for the rest of the week. They arrived as planned, and we set off down to the tunnel. A short wait and we were into the darkness, an interesting experience for Neil and Val. What they didn’t know was that there were 2 more to do before the day’s end!

After a gentle run we went straight through Saltersford and Barnton tunnels, then stopped at Anderton for a look around the boat lift. A very interesting visit, well worthy of the awards it has received. As it is a Bank Holiday, there were several boats moving up and down from the canal to the River Weaver, which made it all the more entertaining.

The cygnets at Anderton are getting bigger. Must be the tourists feeding them.Finally we moved up to our regular spot near Marbury for the night.

I realise now that I’ve slipped up in not downloading the photos from Val’s camera before they left us. That was my intention, so I’ve not taken many of my own. B*****r!

N & V are with us till Friday evening, when Howard will come down to collect them from wherever we are. The original plan was to go down to Middlewich, across to the Shroppie on the Middlewich Branch, then head north up to Chester. But I had a rethink and decided that the Llangollen Canal would be a far more rewarding experience for them. So we’re turning left at Barbridge, heading down to Hurleston and on to the Welsh canal.

The day has made for a poor start to the trip, drizzly most of the day with occasional heavy showers.

Locks 1, miles 9.

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