Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heading south still, from Dunham Massey to Daresbury. We were going to stop at Moore, where there is a handy shop, but decided to press on for another half hour to have a look at possibilities for mooring near road access for friends visiting next weekend.

We didn’t stop at Lymm this trip as we’re OK for supplies.

Lymm from the canal
The day has been fine with sunny spells, but with a blustery wind. Finished the day at around 15:30, time for some more internal work, this time on front corner cupboards.

We stopped at Thorn Marine in Stockton Heath for diesel, and were shocked to hear about the imminent closure of this useful boatyard/hirebase/chandlery. Apparently Peel Holdings, the lease holder and owner of the navigation, want to redevelop the site as luxury housing. See www.thornmarine.co.uk for more details.

Locks none, miles 12.

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