Sunday, May 27, 2007

Everything went according to plan! We arrived at our rendezvous point near Moore PO at around 10:30 as our delivery was due between 11:00 and 13:00. In the event it arrived at 12:45 with no problems finding us at all. The driver thought we were off on a round the world cruise though, with the amount of stuff we took on board!
Still, you have to top up as best you can when you live on the canal. It’s sometimes not easy to get a decent shop done within walking distance of a mooring.

Thanks to Sue on NO PROBLEM for the advice on her blog about how to go about organising a home delivery to a boat.

We’d just about got everything stowed away when Val and John, old friends from Ingleton, showed up. They were on their way back from visiting family near Oxford, and broke the journey to see us. A pleasant hour or so was spent catching up before they continued homeward, and then we cruised up to London Road bridge to turn around before returning to our Saturday night mooring spot, facing the right way now for our pick up point for Neil and Val at Preston Brook.

Locks none, miles 8.

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