Thursday, May 31, 2007

A good start today at 08:30, and a far better day for weather. 20 minutes brought us to the first of the Baddley locks, traffic coming down all of the locks today made for easy passage with minimal hold ups. Neil was now confident enough to take Seyella through the locks, so Mags had an easy day chatting and watching the scenery go by. In fact, from this point on, Neil spent most of his time on the tiller.

At Wrenbury Mill, the electrically operated lift bridge caused us no problems, although I had had misgivings after a near miss with a car on a similar bridge on the Macclesfield Canal.

At Grindley Brook we passed through the 3 single locks, then had a 10 minute wait and a 10 minute passage through the 3 lock staircase.

Neil and Seyella in Grindley Brook staircase.
The girls dashed? into the shop halfway up for buns and bacon, and got back just as we were ready to clear the last lock.

Across Whixall Moss where a heavy shower dampened things down a little….

Neil and brolly in the rain.
and moored for the night just past Bettisfield at about 18:15.

Locks 12, miles 18

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