Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A late start today due to poor weather, but the day was brightening when we moved off at 11:45. Through Northwich, and a stop at bridge 183 for a bit more shopping, then to the Marina.

I’ve a problem with the oil pressure readings on the engine. I think it’s the sender unit, rather than a fault with the pump, but I wanted confirmation before going much further.
As usual a crisis was in progress, so it was gone 2 before Kevin could take a look and confirm my opinion, then he had to order the parts required, so we set off again at 15:00. We’ll stop to get the job done on the way back up, later in June.

We pushed on down to Middlewich, through the locks to Wardle Junction, and through the first 2 locks on the branch across to the Shropshire Union before stopping between bridges 24 and 25 for the night. The time was 19:30. We’re not used to these late days, but at least it stayed reasonably fine, and the crew seem to be enjoying themselves.

Locks 6, miles 11.

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