Friday, December 15, 2006

We’re off at last!

Ready to go….

After what seems like ages, the water levels on the Soar are now in the amber, and we can get on with heading south.
Set off from Birstall at about 09:50 in company with Carol on NB Corbiere. A steady run down through Leicester, no showers as forecast and the wind easing.

St Mary’s Mill Lock.

Taking it in turns to set the locks broke up the work and made for a very enjoyable day.
This was the first proper run for Meg, and on the whole she did well. Quite happy to sit or lie down on the counter and watch the world go by. I tried a short lead and chest harness initially, but she kept tangling herself up, so we dispensed with them and she was far more relaxed. She was keen to get off at every lock, though.

When we stopped at Gee’s Lock at about 15:20, I took Meg for a walk south along the towpath, and turned on to the line of the old Great Central railway. Came across a viaduct over the river Sence that the local “wall artists” had used as a canvas. Pretty impressive, and not offending anyone.

10 locks, 7½ miles.

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