Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of sympathy during this last week.
Sorry I’ve not been posting for a while, we’ve not moved out of Raynsway Marina yet, so we’ve no travel news to impart, I had trouble continuing on from the last one, and when I started to “get it together”, time was at a premium. The reason for the latter is MEG.
She is a 7 month old Bearded Collie cross, and has moved in with us. After Bruno’s loss we both felt that we had a huge gap in our lives, and that we could offer a lot to another dog. So we visited the local RSPCA kennels, and that is where we met Meg (at the time, known as Twinkle!) last Sunday.
After filling in the appropriate forms and explaining that we lived on a boat and would this affect the application? we left them to organise a “home” visit to judge if we would be suitable “parents”.
We didn’t expect to hear anything for a week or so, then were amazed when they rang to say she had been spayed and chipped and was ready for collection on Thursday! They had decided not to proceed with the visit after all.
When we collected her, we found out that she had been spayed by the vet who looked after Bruno, and it is possible that our attitude towards looking after him may have influenced the RSPCA’s decision.
So here we are, with an unhousebroken older pup, having to re-learn all the old training tricks we last used (with good effect) 10 years ago.

Meg, fitting in to her new home.

Other news, we had a walk up to Thurmaston lock on Sunday to sign the SOW petition, but there were only 2 local boats there due to the high water levels on the river. But apparently a lot of interest was shown by local people out walking, so the group of organisers didn’t endure the appalling weather for nothing. See the reports on

We were invited to tea by Andy and Nyree on Monday, and really enjoyed the evening. Been down and fed the swans and geese on Watermead a few times. The ducks don’t get a look in!

I’ve done a few bits and pieces on the boat, like panelling the insides of the side doors and making a new shelf.



We’re here till the middle of next week, Meg has to have her stitches out next weekend, so we will stay local till then.

I don’t think we’ll be venturing far from the boat for the next 48 hours, judging by the forecast.

I always thought that having a phone with a camera was a needless fad. Well, I stand corrected. The pics on this entry were all taken using my new Nokia N73

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Brian L said...

Hi Geoff & Margaret

Sorry not to have been in touch before.
Sorry also to hear of poor Bruno's demise but glad to hear about your new addition - she looks lovely with a coat which will obviously just shake off the water when she's been swimming!!

You seem to be keeping busy - how's the snow?

Is the boat as warm as you expected?

Our daughter Kate is now living in a converted horsebox outside Bradford-upon-Avon, so is in the same sort of space as yourselves.

Phil has just come off his crutches but normal movement is still some time away.

You'll have heard of the impending re-takeover (some years too late methinks) - did you have any shares?

SAP taking more & more time up with extra tasks every day.

Very envious of you both - room for a stowaway?

Best wishes