Saturday, December 16, 2006

A very wet and windy night broke to a beautiful morning. Took Meg for a good walk, and she succeeded in embarrassing me by sending another dog into the cut! She only wanted to play, honest! But she is a little high-powered, sometimes.

Butter wouldn't melt.....

Or would it?......

Travelling with Carol on Corbiere again today, followed her away from Gee’s through a smoke screen. Turned out she was burning house coal as that was all she could get. It looked like she was steam driven!

We set off at 10:00, in a sunny and windless morning. The canal steadily improves as you get further away from Leicester. Less debris in the water, and more rural in appearance. The locks kept us busy today, 6 in 4 miles means that there is no more than 15 minutes between each.

Leaving Lock 29

Arrived at Kilby Bridge at about 13:20, took on water and emptied the loo and rubbish, and were eating bacon butties by 2 o’clock. Staying here for Sunday, leaving on Monday morning.
This is a handy mooring, but not so good for walking Meg, with only a muddy towpath or a busy main road. But she’d had a good run around in a large field next to Double Rail lock.
Upset to see the body of a labrador floating in the cut. This is the first large animal we’ve seen drowned.

6 Locks, 4 miles.

Just been adding up, since we left Northwich in August, we’ve covered 513 miles, and passed through 373 locks.

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