Sunday, December 31, 2006

Still here near Welford, as the weather has been less than ideal for cruising. Strong winds and heavy showers do not a happy steerer make! Call me a wimp, if you like.

Had a walk down to the village yesterday, the towpath is extremely muddy, and the wharf itself, although busy, seems to have a general air of neglect about it. Maybe I’m being unfair, but after trudging through 1½ miles of mud, I didn’t expect to see more at my destination. It’s probably very nice in the summer.

Welford Wharf

Pulled the pins this morning (they’d nearly pulled themselves in the wind last night!) and had an excursion by boat this time down to the wharf for water etc. On our return we were able to tie up to mooring rings, which will make us more secure.

This section seems to be popular, with 11 boats overnighting in the immediate vicinity, and quite a lot of passing traffic, even at this time of year. We are between Foxton and Crick Marina, though.

The wind rose again this afternoon, chasing whitecaps down the canal. We’ll stop here tomorrow and plan to move on Tuesday, heading south towards Crick.

Meg was a bit off colour yesterday, maybe something she ate. Seems a lot better today, but I’ve kept her on reduced rations till I’m sure she’s OK. She’s not impressed, she normally eats like a horse!

Miles 3½
Locks 2

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