Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sorry it’s been a while again, but we’ve not got a lot to report.
We’ve had to stay in the area so that Meg could have her post-op stitches out, and then to have her 2nd stage vaccinations.
We moved out of Raynsway on Saturday, just 20 minutes upstream to Birstall so we are in easy walking distance of the vet for the last visit on Tuesday. We had intended to move straight afterwards but the river levels are too high for safety so we’re stuck here for a bit. Still, it’s handy for the shops, and the mooring is secure, if a little variable in height!
I’ve taken the opportunity of being in the same place for a while to spend a lot of time with Meg, on a crash training course, as she knew almost nothing when she first arrived. She’s coming along well.
In between we’ve had visits from the family, I’ve been pottering about doing bits and pieces on the boat, and we’ve got just about all of the Christmas shopping done.
We’ve had invitations for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we’ve decided to move south as originally planned. We’ll probably be somewhere around Market Harborough for the festivities.

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