Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 23rd August 2006
Left at 09:40, weather grey but brightening. Forecast is for rain all day, which turned out to be occasional showers, so not so bad.
Through Derwent Mouth Lock, and out onto the Trent – wide open spaces!!

We have "done" all of the Trent & Mersey Canal, 93½ miles and 73 locks.

Shared the Sawley Lock, then turned right onto the Soar.
I had forgotten how attractive this lower stretch is. The contrast between the T&M and the river is great, with the canal frequently crossed by bridges and with buildings and wharves alongside. The river has far fewer crossings, and feels far more remote and "wild".

Normanton on Soar Church

Scarey emergency flood moorings!

Went up through Ratcliffe, Kegworth, Zouch, Bishop Meadow and Loughborough Locks, all broad of course on this navigation, and Kegworth being nearly 13 feet deep. These take a lot longer to pass than the narrow locks on the T&M we’d been used to.
All these names bring back memories of my canoeing days on this waterway.
Stopped for the night just South of Loughborough at Millers Bridge.

13 miles, 1 lock on the T&M, 1 on the Trent, 5 on the Soar.

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mark/mel & kids said...

Hi nan and geoff, hope you are both ok?
Kids are all back at school and are doing fine.
Marks just had aweek off work, goes back wednesday.
I am back at work and loving it.
You look as though your having a good time and nan you look really well.
Hope you have a good birthday this week.Love from everyone here.