Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 24th August
Early rain delayed our start, so we finally got off at about 11:00. Uneventful run through the remaining 5 locks to Old Junction Boatyard, where we will be staying the next 7 days. Still more memories crowding back, shooting the weir at Sileby and tangling with irate landowners on the many loops of the old river while out in canoes.

Disused railway bridge, Mountsorrel

Mountsorrel Lock

Sileby Mill

River Wreake Junction (Melton Mowbray Navigation)

So we got here finally, although on a couple of occasions I had my doubts. We had to push a little harder than planned, so are looking forward to a few days off.

Moored up and switched off at 15:00.

6 miles, 5 locks.

The reason the updates on the journal are a bit patchy is that I am frequently having problems getting a reliable signal for my office card. I’ll have to look into some sort of antenna or signal booster.

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