Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday 20th August 2006
Came across a long queue at Woodend lock, took 1½ hours. Bruno made several more friends, and would have been making pups if he hadn’t been hauled off!
Saw a splendid narrow beam Dutch Barge coming up. Had to explain to Margaret that they are beyond our budget.

Down to Fradley Junction past the Swan Inn, and filled up with water, and emptied the loo and rubbish.

Carried on through Common lock then stopped for the night. Spoke to another chap with one of those Kirstan dishes, am CERTAINLY going to get one.
Sunny evening, so I painted the flue collar and cap with heat proof enamel. Then it threw it down before the paint dried. That’s life, I suppose.

5¼ miles, 7 locks


jackie said...

Nichola always said you were off your head!!
Will keep track on your journey!
Jackie, Nichola's friend in France.

carol & amanda said...

yeah - we have contact!
I have done fanny all work today, as I have been busy reading your adverntures - Rosie & Jim stylie.
Sounds like you are past the teething problems and all set for fun.
if you are ever near northwich, middlewich.. that kind of area, give us a tinkle.
all the best to you both - look after eachother.
much love from us xx