Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday 22nd August 2006

Tuesday 22nd August
A fine morning for a change led to a fine warm day. We were lucky enough to team up with Doug and Shirley on NB Selina Rose, so we ran easily through the 5 broad locks, including Shardlow.
Stopped just above Derwent Mouth Lock (No 1) for the night, at about 15:00.
Shardlow still shows signs of it’s extensive canal heritage, with warehouses and basins much in evidence. As the start of the canal which effectively links the Trent in the East to the Mersey in the West, it’s importance during the commercial use of the waterway cannot be underestimated. Even now, it is a very popular stopping point, shown by the number of boats moored, and the development of a brand new marina on the East side of the town.

We just have Derwent Mouth Lock tomorrow morning, then we are off artificial "cuts" and onto river navigations, apart from short sections of the Soar which have been straightened.

11½ miles, 5 locks.

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