Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday August 18th
Woke up to heavy showers and thunderstorms, so decided to stay put for a while. Spent some time cataloguing pictures and watching boats going past with umbrellas over the steerers.
Set off about 12:50 with a plan to get past Great Haywood, but after abot 40 minutes heard a rubbing noise under the counter which rapidly developed into a squeak.
Disengaged the drive and the sound went away so lifted the weed hatch access and was met with a cloud of smoke. The stern gland had tightened and got so hot it melted the nylon grease tube!
So there we are drifting in the middle of the canal, engine OK but unable to go into drive. Started poling to the bank in order to at least get tied up, when a kind gentleman called Clive on NB Blue Moon turned up and offered us a tow down to the next lock, where there was road access. Snapped his hand off!
Mike and Kevin from the yard arrived after being held up on the M6 by a load of vegetable oil spilled on the carriageway. They stripped and repacked the stern gland, pumped it full of grease and it seemed to be OK. Will monitor over the next few days.
No locks, 2 miles.
No pictures today, never got round to getting the camera out!
So I’ll explain the origin of the boat’s name. Seyella is an elven (elvish?) goddess, of Time and Destiny (see It was chosen because it seemed appropriate, there are no other "Seyellas" on the BW database, and it fits nicely in the name panel!

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