Friday, September 15, 2017

Visitors at Addlington, then on past Macclesfield.

On Wednesday we moved down from Hawk Green, past High Lane and Poynton, and finished up opposite Lyme View Marina.

The leaves are starting to turn now…

Victoria Pit moorings at Poynton

The end of a cold, damp trip at Addlington.DSCF1151

It rained all morning and we wouldn’t normally have moved, but we were having visitors yesterday and there’s parking nearby, and more importantly the towpath along here is sealed asphalt so is clean. After the rain there’s some quite large puddles elsewhere.

Val and John, with the dog Harry came yesterday lunchtime, and we had a great afternoon. Val had made Mags an early birthday cake…
File 15-09-2017, 19 28 47
They left too late for us to move, so we sneaked an extra night on the 24 hour moorings opposite the marina. It wasn’t busy anyway, only one other boat stayed overnight.

This morning the weather had improved considerably, very little wind and long spells of warm sunshine.DSCF1153

Past the good moorings at Whitley GreenDSCF1155

On the offside there are very well presented moorings for members of the North Cheshire Cruising Club.

Approaching Bollington, the White Nancy looks like a pimple on the end of Kerridge Hill…DSCF1158
The structure was built in 1817 to commemorate Wellington’s victory at Waterloo and is hollow, but the doorway has been bricked up. It’s been repainted, now sporting a crown for the Jubilee on one side…
White Nancy 1

…and the Olympic rings on the other, following Team GB’s success at at the 2012 games.White Nancy 2
(Pictures from April 2013)

Clarence Mill, Bollington

Historic boats Spey and Gifford tied up on the aqueductDSCF1165

We’d decided to stop at Bollington Wharf for solid fuel and diesel, but the dredgers beat us to it…

…but it was OK because James was trading from Brian and Ann-Marie's AltonDSCF1167
Bollington Wharf has recently been taken over by Amy and James, of NB Willow and Brian and Ann-Marie. Amy and James wrote about their refitting of the Severn and Canal Carrying Company boat on their blog here.

We had a bit of a wait while James dealt with Storm, then picked up our fuel before toddling on.

MB Willow, 72 feet long and 82 years old.DSCF1170

Still a very fine day…

The Waterways depot just past Hovis Mill in MacclesfieldDSCF1175
The resited water tap is just next to the sign on the bank.

We had a bit of a wait while another dredging team moved their gear out of the way for us.DSCF1176
They were really struggling for working space alongside the moored boats between Bridges 40 and 41.

We were aiming to more near the retail park again, but the weather started to look a bit dodgy, although it held off enough to let us get moored up.
After just a brief sprinkle it cleared again and the rest of the afternoon stayed dry enough for me to get a coat of primer on the new top box I’ve constructed. But we had some heavy, thundery showers later on. I think we’ll probably stay put here for the weekend.

Locks 0, miles 8

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