Sunday, September 10, 2017

End of the line.

Yesterday we moved on from near Marple, through three of the four moveable bridges at this end of the canal, mooring up past New Mills.

Fine views across to the east towards Derbyshire.DSCF1096

Turf Lea Lift Bridge

Passing Disley on the right, the view opens up again, looking over towards Kinder Scout and the southern end of the Dark Peak.DSCF1103
That was one of my old stamping grounds when I lived near Leicester. The Peak District is comprised of two distinct geographies, the White Peak to the south, consisting of picturesque limestone dales and splashing streams around Buxton, and the Dark Peak, brooding peat-bog topped moorlands north of Edale. Caving in the White Peak and walking in the Dark took up most weekends.

We’d managed to get through the three bridges in the dry, although the clouds were building. Mags had gone back inside when the rain finally started as we came through the woods before New Mills.

New Mills, Bridge 28 and the Swizzels Matlows factory.DSCF1107

By the time we’d left the town the rain had eased, then the sun came out just before we tied up.

With more sun than showers the afternoon was quite pleasant, and it stayed clear overnight. I had a dry run first thing, a quick breakfast and Meg had a short walk before we set off towards Bugsworth this morning.

We were off early despite the drizzle that had started to fall because we wanted to be moored in the basin by half-ten. Something important to watch on the box…

Carrs Swing Bridge was passed with no trouble, then we cruised slowly past Furness Vale Marina…DSCF1112

…and the well-respected Andy Russel’s paint shed.DSCF1113

It’s a bit overgrown along here!

It was just past here that we met the first of half a dozen boats, presumably leaving the basin. A bit of a surprise, it wasn’t yet 10:00, but at least we could be reasonably sure that there would be space for us.

The junction at the end of the Peak Forest, a short arm to the right leads to Whaley Bridge…DSCF1118
…and another to the left goes to Bugsworth Basin.

Arriving at the basin and there’s room on the Lower Basin, alongside the access road.DSCF1120

That’ll do for us, Mr. Tesco is delivering here to us tomorrow.

We were tied up with the aerial up in plenty of time to watch coverage of the Great North Run. This is the second year I’ve missed, last year due to injury, this because I didn’t enter, not being sure whether I’d recovered or not. As it turns out I’m fit enough, but the Manchester Half Marathon in October will confirm that. Well done, Sir Mo, for your fourth consecutive win here. Now he’s turned his back on the track to concentrate on road running we’ll see a lot more of him at these sort of events.

Locks 0, miles 6


Carol said...

When I read Kinder Edge Geoff on this post I immediately thought of a walk we (k9's, you, George and me) way back in February 2011 but at Kinver Edge. George and I often talk of that walk, a long way up and down the hills but really enjoyable, and we wouldn't have done it if you hadn't shown us the way. Do hope we can meet up with you and Margaret in the not too distant future. Love and hugs to you both. xx
Link to RnR blog for that walk if you want to recap ----

nb Chance said...

hope to try and catch up in Manchester let us know nearer the time when you are doing the ashton, we will help lock you down, picadilly village has a great gated mooring and we can help youdown the rochdale 9 another day as well mate