Monday, September 18, 2017

A good day for Bosley Locks

After a weekend of mixed weather moored just outside Macclesfield, today’s forecast looked promising so off we set heading south towards Kidsgrove.

Spey and Gifford cruised past yesterday, on their way from Bollington.DSCF1180
Not sure about Spey, but Gifford is based at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum. I wonder if they’re having to go the long way home because of the stoppage at Marple?

We were on the move just before 10 this morning, fine and bright and quite warm in the sunny spells.DSCF1181

The two swing bridges between Macclesfield and Bosley were passed with no trouble, the first, at Dane’s Moss, was locked open like on the way up, and the second wasn’t busy.

Broadhurst Swing Bridge

Royal Oak Swing Bridge, no convoy of MGs in the way todayDSCF1183

We pulled in for water at Bridge 53 rather than just above the locks, then swung around the corner to the top lock.

Bosley Top Lock
There was a volunteer here, he saw us coming and opened the gates for us.

We worked our way downhill steadily, having to turn the locks as we were following another boat. Lock 5 caught me out, though. The upper ground paddles have vent holes strategically placed to send a jet of water up any unsuspecting trouser leg… and I forgot to put a boot across one here.
See the hole with the puddle around it? Unfortunately I was straddling it when I lifted the paddle!
It is canal water, honest! It made me gasp, too…

We met a couple of boats on the way up, but had to turn most of the 12 locks.

Fine views of The Cloud from Lock 9. Should really be “The Lock from Cloud 9”

Mags Heading down to Lock 10

We were out of the bottom lock after about 2 hours, not bad for 12 locks. Rather than press on we decided to moor up just before the Dane aqueduct, with views up the valley.

The canal is carried over the river on a fine stone aqueduct, 50 or 60 feet up from the valley bottom.

These aqueducts always look spectacular from below; it’s difficult getting a picture from the canal level…

We had the best of the day for our trip down. It clouded up and we’ve had a drop of rain later in the afternoon.

Locks 12, miles 4½

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