Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just pictures…

I’ve rattled on about the canal as we traveled north, so I’ve decided to skip the waffle and just post pictures of yesterday’s trip, with just a bit of explanatory text if required.

So, after a very misty start the sun broke through giving us a beautiful morning.DSCF1205


One of two kingfishers spotted today.

Confirmation for Paul of Waterways Routes – the waterpoint next to Bridge 68 IS still there and working.

Across Congleton Embankment, the West Coast Mail Line crosses the valley to the west.DSCF1223

Bridges in High Town, Congleton
We pulled in on the moorings here, not for the shops although they are handy, but for Meg to have a comfort break.

Off again, over the aqueduct crossing Canal Road.DSCF1227

Bridge 77, Morris Bridge swapping the towpath back over the canalDSCF1228


It was such a fine afternoon that Meg insisted we stop just past Watery Lane Aqueduct so she could have a good roll on the grassy towpath.DSCF1230

Lovely quiet spot here, good choice that dog!

Locks 0, miles 6

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