Friday, March 31, 2017

Just around the corner…

The owners of the nursery at Wrenbury Frith are up to something across the canal, a nice new white gate has been installed off the towpath and there’re signs of activity in the field. The lift bridge here is normally chained up in the open position, but with all the activity it’s down through the day, although it can be boater-operated as normal. They do lock it open overnight though, after about 3 o’clock. So last afternoon we took advantage of it being up and moved just a few hundred yards to the other side, nearer Wrenbury.

This morning we had another short cruise, a little longer but not much. Two lift bridges and a half of a mile, in fact.

Mags comes through Wrenbury Mill Lift Bridge…

It had started to rain as soon as we set off, and the wind had picked up too. Good job we weren’t going far.

Church Lift Bridge was a bit trickier, with the wind blowing across the cut, but Mags steered through without any problem and cruised on to pull in a little further on while I untangled a lump of briar that Meg had managed to get wrapped around her back legs…

Moored across the fields from Wrenbury Church, just past the lift bridge.IMG_3834

Even after just a 20 minute cruise Meg insists on a post-trip ball session!IMG_3835
Only a few minutes now, though, else she suffers later. But she does enjoy it.

Tomorrow it looks like we’ll be dodging the showers as we head towards Hurleston.

Locks 0, miles 1

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nb AmyJo said...

Hi Both,
We passed you yesterday at church bridge. Sorry we did not stop and say hello. Perhaps next time we pass.