Monday, March 06, 2017

Good planning - for a change!

We spent yesterday holed-up opposite Chirk Marina. It started with heavy rain which turned to snow by late morning, large fluffy flakes that soon covered the ground.
But that gave way to rain again, washing the snow away. It was only later that the sky cleared and the rain stopped. Then we had a frost overnight. Hopefully that will be winter’s last fling. Later this week the temperature is supposed to rise again as warm air comes up from the south.

We’ve had sun most of today, although it’s raining again now. We set off at ten, around the corner into Chirk cutting then through the tunnel.

Dappled sunlight at the start of the cutting

IMG_3666It was a mistake putting a couple of logs on the stove just before we set off…
The smoke made passing through the tunnel a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as once before. On that occasion I emerged from the far end with streaming eyes and a cough that could have belonged to a 60-a-day man!
I should have learned that lesson…

We pulled in at the far end in the sunshine so I could nip up to the shops in Chirk. The sunlight entering the south end of the tunnel made fascinating reflections on the tunnel roof.

Shopping done we set off again, crossing back into England over Chirk Aqueduct with the railway viaduct alongside. IMG_3669

The River Ceiriog marks the border between Wales and EnglandIMG_3673

We met three boats coming along Chirk embankment, two hirers and one private, then swung away from the river and pulled up outside the Poachers Pocket at Gledrid Bridge.
Val and John came over to see us here for the afternoon, bringing some treats for Meg. As we move further away from the border it’ll get harder for them to come and visit, so we want to make the most of the time we have.

It’s supposed to be fine in the morning with rain moving in later, but we should be tied up again by then. All being well we’ll be somewhere below New Marton Locks.

Locks 0, miles 2

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