Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Better than expected.

It was supposed to be wet all day today, but by half-ten the rain seemed to have lost enthusiasm, dwindling then stopping completely. It’s been warmer than of late, too, now that the wind has dropped.

We decided to move along a bit, now we had a window of opportunity. Not too far though.

Leaving our overnight, now it’s dried up.IMG_3777
Still very gloomy, though.

Fine views from the embankment at Hampton Bank.IMG_3779

We stopped for water at Bettisfield Bridge, temporarily back in Wales as there’s a peculiar diversion of the border here, down to Northwood then back up again.

This spur, known as Maelor, was part of the Principality of Chester for a while, then a part of Shropshire, then became an isolated enclave of Flintshire, before being re-attached to Wales in the boundary changes of 1974.

Do we, don’t we? moment at the end of the long straight across Whixall Moss.IMG_3780
We didn’t…

We pulled in at the eastern end of the straight, just before the Prees Branch Junction.IMG_3781

Mags has had it easy since New Marton Locks, but tomorrow she’ll have to shake a leg, we’re coming into lift-bridge country… The first one is just around the corner.

Locks 0, miles 3

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