Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Heading east from Ellesmere

Today we set off from Ellesmere heading towards the main line and the central canal network. We could have moved off yesterday, the morning was grim, wet and windy, but it brightened up in the afternoon. By then inertia had set in though, so we decided to leave it another day. It was a good decision; although it’s been chilly it was a fine sunny morning today, although the wind was a bit of a nuisance at times.

There’s not much to say about the trip, there were a few boats about, a mix of hirers and private,

Chris and Lesley on NB Rosie II were one of those that passed in the other direction. One of those brief conversations ensued, gradually getting louder as the two boats drifted apart…

Meg and I said our goodbyes to the dog owners who we’ve met regularly on our frequent returns to Ellesmere this winter, and after a quick trip to Tesco for perishables we set off, out of the arm and turned left.

A bright start to the day.

Out of Ellesmere Tunnel…

…and through the woods flanking the meres.IMG_3765

Blake Mere

We pulled in after a pleasant 1¾ hour cruise, on the moorings near Hampton Bank between Bridges 50 and 51.

Lyneal Road Bridge and Greaves Bridge in the distanceIMG_3774

It was at Greaves Bridge where the wind caught me unawares and I was blown into the offside shallows while slowly passing a boat that had pulled in to allow us through the bridge first. No harm done though, even though we drifted into the overhanging trees.

$_35It has prompted me to change back to the Moonraker DTV1000 aerial which is more compact and less liable to getting hooked-up under trees than the directional stick aerial we’ve been using, on a long pole, in the border regions.

The Moonraker is generally fine, but does seem to struggle sometimes when the signal strength is poor.

Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow; the forecast is for cold, wet weather. We’ll have to see. We’re in no rush, we’re meeting friends again near Whitchurch early next week.

Locks 0, miles 4 

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Sue said...

Some lovely pics there Geoff. This is quite good from Maplin we have one and it really does quite well!