Tuesday, March 01, 2016

No more U-turns.

We went back to Calverley Lodge Bridge at the end of last week, mainly to get out into the country for a bit, but also to top off the wood supply. We turned around towards Rodley and came back a couple of hundred yards to moor.
In the woods above the Aire valley there’s this stone building. I can’t find any reference to it, maybe a pumping station?

Looks familiar….

Saturday morning we were back at Apperley Bridge to receive delivery of the packing boxes I’d ordered for shipping the now-redundant cassette loo and tanks to the lucky ebay bidder who wanted them delivered rather than collecting.

Boxing the items up later that day I came across a problem -
The bed is the largest flat work area we have…
…but the largest box wouldn’t go out through the engine hole or forward past the loo partition! Doh! So I had to empty and flatten it before refilling it in the saloon.
The two boxes are fairly light but bulky.

We’re counting the days now until we can set of again with a purpose. It’s been a bit tedious shuffling back and forth, but all being well Dock Lane Swing Bridge on the edge of Shipley will be finished by a week on Friday. We’ll stay here opposite the marina till the weekend, then head up Dobson’s staircase pair, pause there for a day or three before heading up Field Locks, the triple staircase.
I’ll cycle up to have a look at the bridge to make sure it’ll be ready, then we’ll be off, planning on ascending the Bingley Three-Rise and Five-Rise locks on the Sunday. Then onward and upward to Skipton, Gargrave and points West. Hurray!

There you go Val, I told you  would! :-)

Hiya, Ken, Sue Sounds like a good trip. I've not really much to offer, apart from the usual advice regarding mooring in built up areas. Try not to! Although Barnoldswick, Gargrave, Skipton and coming down the east side to Rodley are generally fine. It's a longish day into Leeds from Rodley, as stopping is not recommended, although there are some moorings at Kirkstall, handy for the supermarket. I can't be more specific about the west side, it's a while since we've been over there but if there's anything of importance we come across I'll let you know.
Mooring in Leeds is good but limited, Granary Wharf below Office Lock is the first spot, surprisingly quiet. But Clarence Dock just next to the Royal Armouries is better, handy for the city and the museum is certainly worth a visit. Water and power on the pontoons, too. But only room for a handful of visitors... The pontoon below the C&RT offices opposite Leeds Lock sunk during the floods and may not be usable, but there is room for two visiting boats on the service pontoon just downstream.
The locks from Leeds to Knottingley are great, huge push-button things. Then you're back to manual operation for the Aire and the Selby Canal. You'll need to book Selby and Naburn Locks. Make sure that they are repaired before planning too far ahead, the Christmas floods took their toll. The same applies to Knostrop Falls Lock below Leeds, it's not working yet. There are pleasant moorings in the lock cut above Naburn Lock.
In York there's a long length of moorings at Museum Gardens, but it can fill up on Summer weekends. I was told to use a chain and padlock for security just in case, but we never had any bother. There are also moorings as you enter the city, just past the new footbridge. And I was told you can moor just inside the entrance to the Fosse, but we didn't try that.
Keep a close eye on water levels. The Ouse in particular can come up rapidly!
Hope that helps. Enjoy!  

Locks 0, miles 4

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Boatwif said...

Many thanks for the advice on the L&L. We are looking forward to our summer + cruise.