Monday, February 22, 2016

Boat Moving.

Not us,unfortunately. When we were down in Leeds we met a couple on a old converted naval pinnace. They too wanted to go south, but were thwarted by the floods. They’ve been up to Apperley Bridge, back down to Leeds and back here again since then. but on their last trip they had gearbox problems and it failed completely while outside the marina. If it had to happen it could have been in a worse place…
Anyway, to kill two birds with one stone they decided to have the boat moved by road down to Loughborough where it can be repaired. So this morning we had a little excitement. (it’s quite boring here…)
As it is a fairly light boat a Hiab-type crane attachment behind the cab of the transporter was used…20160222_102127_Burst02

It took three attempts before the driver was happy with the sling arrangement and lifted the boat from the water…

…swinging it over to the waiting trailer.

The directional prop steering can be clearly seen.

It took a while to get the round profile hull securely chocked, but eventually she was safely strapped down.20160222_113057
It would be a shame if anything had happened, after all she’s survived the last 112 years!

Hi Adam, Ditchcrawler. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with pumping over the side, which is why I included an option to pump into a bottle for disposal. Tom, Jan, it’ll be a while before we get to the potting compost stage, but I’ll put you on the waiting list…Be right back

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Boatwif said...

Geof, Mags,
We are planning to cruise the Leeds and Liverpool this summer. Macc to Liverpool to Leeds to York. Any advice will be gratefully received.
Ken and Sue (boatwif) nb Cleddau