Thursday, February 11, 2016

It’s been difficult at times…

…but we’re getting there!
Getting all the plumbing to fit into a pretty small space took some thought and work, but the basin is in now. The loo is ready to go, but a 24 hour “dry” run showed that the pee container was way too small, and that was without any beer! so now we’re on Plan B…

The delay with the vanity unit came to a head when the supplier promised a delivery day which was unfulfilled – twice. So they got kicked into touch and I sourced a similar one from a local supplier up in Bradford. A little dearer, but you pays your money and takes your chance.

We’re intending to toddle off towards Rodley tomorrow, picking up some more logs on the way, if there’s any left. Then we’ll spend the weekend out in the sticks before returning here to pick up the last batch of bits needed for Plan B from ebay at the local Argos “Click and Collect”. Useful service, that.

Enjoying this weather at the moment, cold nights leading to crisp, frosty mornings and fine sunny days. It looks to be staying fairly good for a week or more.

Thanks for the comments, folks. Steve, Angela, it would have overflowed into the bilge, not good! Plan B should solve the problem…
Sue, no, we didn’t have to keep our legs crossed; the cassette loo is still in use, although flushing it with a jug of canal water! It’s been around a bit though. In the saloon, next to the dinette, wherever there’s been space. You know what it’s like when you're doing work in a narrowboat. We even had an en-suite for a while!
Hey, Gary, Della. That’ll be all that fancy coffee!
Tom, you don’t mean actually in use, do you??? Nah, surely not!


Sue said...

Yes Argos click and collect is brilliant. Glad you are getting things sorted now after a lot of obvious disruption.

There are leaves appearing on the trees, spring is on the way and we cant wait to see you both on the Thames in a few months time... Hang on in there you two!

POSH coffee you mean.. Muleless is famous for it! ;)

william hurst said...

Nice job well done no more heavy rugs sacks in snow

Anonymous said...

I would have put an oil change container

like this one under the vanity unit. Takes about 10 litres. If you have two for quick change that is 20 litres in all - a weeks worth?

Kath nb.bobcat