Thursday, February 18, 2016

Back to Apperley Bridge and a loo for sale…

First off, thanks for the comments about the recent installation of the new loo.
Kath (Bobcat), I looked at oil drain tanks, but they were all too deep to fit under the floor. The container had to go under to give me a decent fall from the loo. Good idea to stuff it under the vanity, though.
Hi Pip, Mick. Depends how big your tank is, I guess. Ours, when full, would weigh in at around 12Kg. Not something I‘d want to lift and carry too far. Incidently, we have two choices. I can pump over the side into the cut, which seems to be a fairly common method of disposal. Or into a smaller container to dump it on the land. 

The loo has been in use for three days so far, and we’ve not encountered any problems. The fan just hums gently, only audible in the washroom, and there’s no smells at all. looking good… I‘ll let you know properly after we’ve had it for a month…

On that subject, we’ve now got a Thetford C200 swivel bowl cassette toilet for sale. IMG_8451
Two cassettes and in full working order. Thoroughly sanitised, too! Going cheap… I’ll be putting it on ebay, too.

Yesterday we moved back to Apperley Bridge, past the workers laying the new towpath.
The path is fenced off and there are large signs advising of the closure at Rodley, but I lost count of the number of people who arrived from that end on foot or bike and who seemed surprised. “Oh, it’s shut then…”IMG_8437

Busy, busy.

The floating “convenience” that drifted down to us at the weekend is now a lot further up, but they’re still using that skinny polypropylene to tie it up!IMG_8443

There are several Embden Geese hanging around here, and they seem quite happy in the company of the local swans.

In the background is a small group of Goosanders. I had to take the picture at a distance because these shy divers either take to the wing or duck under water as you approach.

It’s not just boaters that the swans beg from!

We moored up on the wharf at Apperley Bridge Marina, filled with water and emptied a loo cassette for the last time. With the chandlery shut on Thursday we’re allowed to moor here for the day. Although it’s not so convenient for grass for Meg, it’s a lot nearer the shops!
A few days here again.

Locks 0, miles 2


Adam said...

When I wrote an article on composting loos (a long time before we bought one!) I asked CRT about their suggested advice. They're very opposed to urine going into the cut, as it's a fertiliser and can encourage weed growth.

Tom and Jan said...

I can envisage you will shortly be selling potting mix on eBay :-)

ditchcrawler said...

I don't think I would publish if I was going to pump overboard. IMO urine is not bad but some may have other ideas.

ditchcrawler said...

Do you do Facebook, if so this may interest you