Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Peace and quiet up at The Wigglies.

Between Bank Newton and East Marton the canal loops back on itself several times, desperately hanging onto the 450 foot contour as it crosses an area of low hills and shallow valleys. We affectionately call it The Wigglies, and always stop here when we can.

We were just getting ready to leave when a Silsden hire boat went past, heading for Bank Newton Locks, so we hastily finished our preparations and set off in pursuit. These locks, like troubles, are so much easier when shared.

Another boat came down, leaving the flight of six hopefully set for us, then we met yet another at Lock 37, the second one up.

Lots of help as we come up Lock 37


Top lock and time for a sit down

We parted company with our locking partners here, they were pushing on to East Marton so we waited and closed up after both boats.

The dredgers are at work up here too, clearing a winding hole in this case.IMG_8657

I wonder if they’ll be repairing this while they’re here?
Someone must have had their teeth rattled to do that much damage!

We pulled in about a mile above the locks, in our regular mooring spot up here. IMG_8659 


There’s been a few boats up and down, all hirers out of Skipton or Silsden, but in between the chug of diesel engines the silence is only broken by the asthmatic croak of pheasants…

…and the evocative call of the curlew
Sorry, both not good quality, taken from a long way away.

Up Greenberfield Locks tomorrow, which will take us up onto the summit level at 485 feet above sea level. Instead of stopping at Barnoldswick though, we’ll push on to Barrowford. We on a mission now…

Hi Tom, Jan. Yes, you’ll be clear all the way to Cooper Bridge come Thursday. Assuming we don’t have floods again… I guess you’ll be coming up and over the L&L from Leigh, so we should see you at some point.

Hi KevinToo. She is looking well, isn’t she.

Locks 6, miles 1¾

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Sue said...

On a mission eh? Well I guess your mission will be 206 miles and 119 locks from there. We are on a mission too but to get there we have 11 miles and 3 locks!