Saturday, March 05, 2016

A fine boat for sale…

Fancy a 65 foot semi-trad narrowboat? Or maybe the opportunity to explore the continental canals? Well here a chance to kill both birds with one stone.
Jill and Graham’s NB Matilda Rose is for sale, currently moored at Roanne in France. Two years ago they had her shipped across the Channel, and they’ve enjoyed the cruising over the water so much they’ve purchased a Dutch Tjalk to continue their explorations. So the narrowboat is for sale. Details here.

We, on the other hand, have done nothing anything like so exciting. In fact, just discard the last four words in the previous sentence…

Since returning to Apperley Bridge last Saturday we’ve just pottered about. The old cassette loo was collected by Parcelforce for it’s trip to it’s new owner on Tuesday, and I’ve made a couple more trips up to the Post Office to send another couple of ebay’ed items after a bit of a clear out.

But that’s about it. The weather earlier in the week was fine and mainly dry, but yesterday a couple of inches of snow overnight signalled a change. It only lasted till lunchtime though, turning to rain. We were planning on going up Dobson’s Locks but postponed the short trip till today.

So we were over on the marina wharf at around half-nine this morning, filling with water and diesel and grabbing a couple of bags of solid fuel. We still have logs on the roof but I’ve not had a chance to get them sliced and diced. The towpath through the village is busy… I may get them done while we’re here, if not they’ll wait till we get above Field Locks about mid-week.

Through Millman Swing Bridge

Mags coming into the bottom of Dobson’s Staircase Locks.IMG_8484
Just a two-rise staircase, this.

We moored just above the lock, outside the maintenance depot.

All being well we’ll be able to get through Dock Swing Bridge next Saturday, if it’s finished on time.

Locks 2, miles ½  


Boatwif said...

On the front cover of Waterways World in your old paint scheme - fame!
Ken nb Cleddau

Anonymous said...

Hi wonderful people we had our very first winter up there on swiftcraft moorings,is it still going never been back as it was to cold Jackie and Tony