Saturday, November 21, 2015

A first touch of winter…

We woke up this morning to a cold but beautifully sunny day. We’d had a rocky night; at 04:30 we were waken by ferocious gusts, making the boat work against it’s moorings and sending icy draughts through the mushroom roof vents. It lasted only 40 minutes, but it was impossible to get to sleep, and not just because of the wind. Meg trying to burrow under the bedclothes didn’t help…
But it was worth it for the view this morning…

A dusting of snow on the tops, a film of ice on the puddles.IMG_8013

We had an easy run down the last three locks into Gargrave. Stegneck and Scarland Locks were in our favour, but I had to fill Anchor Lock.

Mags in Scarland LockIMG_8016
In the background can be seen the triple-arched viaduct carrying the Settle-Carlisle railway line over the infant River Aire.

We were moored in Gargrave well before lunchtime. I made a trip down to the Co-op for provisions; we’ve a mess of visitors coming over the weekend.
It’s going to be another cold night, it’s down to -3° out there already.

Locks 3, miles 1

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Richard said...

''we have a mess of visitors'' hope they really do not leave to much of a mess!!