Friday, October 09, 2015

Up to Riddlesden

Just another short trip yesterday. We’d arranged to meet friends, Plan A was at Skipton, but there was no way we were going to get there, so we decided to have a couple of days at Riddlesden instead.

The weather has changed again, high pressure in charge has brought back the fine dry weather we had earlier last week.

We were lucky with out timing at the first swing bridge; a boat was coming the other way and we were waved through.

Leaving Morton Swing Bridge.IMG_7674

Looking out over the rooftops to Harden MoorIMG_7675

An uneventful hour saw us pulling in on the wharf at Riddlesden.

Autumn colours and swans

Granby Swing Bridge, named for the Marquis of Granby pub alongsideIMG_7681

Our friends, Arthur and Wendy, arrived soon after we turned up. They’d parked on the pub car park, so we had to go across for a pint… Supper was easy, there’s a chippy just down the road, and we spent the evening chatting, playing dominos and laughing. A great afternoon and evening. Sadly Wendy was working this afternoon so they had to get away after breakfast but we’ll see them again while we’re up here.

Locks 0, miles 2

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