Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More DIY and another short cruise.

We spent a few days near Thorleby before moving on towards Gargrave. The time wasn’t wasted, however. First I made a bracket to mount the new 3G / 4G internet antenna, who’s imminent arrival is eagerly anticipated. It’ll be fitted onto the end of the top box on the roof, and the cables will feed through an adjacent mushroom vent.

Then I got two bridge pieces fitted to the top front corners of the cabin. These will attach to adjustable straps by which the top edge of the cratch cover can be tensioned. The attachment is currently on short bungees, and the cover can blow in in a strong wind. The straps have yet to be fitted to the canopy.

Finally I cut a hole in the galley floor. After carefully locating the cross-bearers for the floor, double and triple checking my measurements, I got out my circular saw and cut the sides of a 500 x 500mm hole.


I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but couldn’t pluck up the courage… We’ve now got a cold store in the floor for beer, wine, and maybe even vegetables! With the removal of the brick ballast (relocated to improve the side-to-side trim) there’s a 125mm deep chamber. The lid is supported on a framework which closes off the sides, vented to allow the passage of air. The edges of the hole and hatch are yet to be trimmed.

I chose a good day to get my Workmate out on the bank, Tuesday was a cracking day, right from the start.IMG_7764


Yesterday, under greyer skies, we decided to move on a bit towards Gargrave.

Through Thorleby Swing BridgeIMG_7771

The day started to brighten up as we approached Holme LockIMG_7774

“Super High Way, Super Wet Way – Super Slow Way, Super Low Way”IMG_7776
What does it mean? I think I’d have preferred a bit of dredging…

We’d been passed by a Silsden hire boat before we were ready to set off, I tried to catch up for Highgate Swing Bridge but failed, but we did manage to share the lock.IMG_7777
I think they were disappointed when I told them we were only going around the corner, but then another boat turned up below the lock, so they would be able to share the next two up into Gargrave after all.

Moored just past Eshton Beck aqueduct.IMG_7778
Mags’ grand-daughter Melanie dropped in for tea on her way home from Skipton. She acts as our postmistress, so brought the mail, along with that afore-mentioned antenna. But more on that later.

After a chilly blustery night, I realised that this isn’t an ideal autumn mooring…IMG_7781
The roof is worse!

It’s damp and cool today, so we’ll stay here, moving on a little further tomorrow.

Locks 1, miles 2¼

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Dot Campbell said...

Hi Geoff & Mags, nice to meet you at Gargrave the other day and have a chat at the lock. I don't know if you're already aware, but I've just read that the Bridgewater Canal is closed just before Worsley from 2nd November right through to February - I know you were planning on getting through the first lock on the Leigh Branch but by then but if you leave it too late, it looks like you won't get very far past Leigh. Cheers Dot & Gordon nb Ewn Ha Cul