Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I thought I’d better put pen to paper…

…Although fingers to keyboard is probably more appropriate.

We’re still here in Gargrave, although we have moved twice since I last posted! A total of a mile, but it did include 2 locks…

We’d planned to move just around the corner to below Eshton Road Lock, but couldn’t find anywhere to moor that was deep enough, so pushed on up the lock, picking up half a dozen bags of Excel from Fred Green’s on the way. He brought it on a fork-lift truck to the lock while we were waiting.
We know from experience that there’s no chance of mooring below Higherland Lock, so we went up that one too, using the sanitary station at the top and mooring on the 3 day moorings beyond.

Topping up the tank above Higherland LockIMG_7789

Lever-operated ground paddles – “Cloughs”IMG_7790

It wasn’t our planned scenario. We were off to Mag’s grandson’s wedding on Friday, and wanted to stay in the Gargrave area for a week or so, so didn’t want to be on the time-restricted moorings till after the weekend. As it was, it turned out OK though.

Meg would rather paddle than use the stepping stones over the River AireIMG_7785

The wedding went off without a hitch, then we had a visit from Howard on the Sunday. Monday morning saw us pull back to top up the water, then we moved on a couple of hundred yards to where the mooring restriction ends, tying up alongside the school playing fields. We can stop here for another few days before pushing on. But not forward, as it turns out…

George and Margaret came to see us today, and we’re expecting more guests tomorrow. All go, isn’t it!

In between weddings and visitors I’ve been getting on with my little projects. The hole in the floor (wine cellar/priest’s hole) is all but finished. I just need a recessed handle to fit in the lid.


The new 4G internet antenna arrived as well, so that’s installed on the roof and the cables fed through to the cabin.
It’s not connected up yet though. There was some confusion as to the pigtails required to go from the antenna leads to the WiFi dongle, but that’s cleared up now and they’re on their way.

Missing links…

Yesterday and today I’ve been stitching the tensioning straps onto the top corners of the cratch canopy. It’s tough going through three layers of the cover material and two of the webbing. I’ve broken four needles and I’ve lost count how many holes I’ve got in my thumbs and fingertips from the head of the needle coming through my leather gloves! One side is done, the other just requires a little more attention.

And I‘ve cocked up. Our planned route back into the Midlands was via the Leigh Branch of the L&L and the Bridgewater Canal to the Trent and Mersey. I’d failed to check for any stoppages on the Bridgewater. It not being under the jurisdiction of C&RT I don’t get automatic notification of any problems on the “Duke’s Cut”, and I hadn’t realised that this was happening -


Notice is hereby given that due to the installation of safety gates into the Bridgewater Canal at Worsley the Canal will be closed to all navigation during the course of the works.

From: Monday 02nd November 2015 at 08.00am
To: Monday 29th February 2016 at 12.00 noon.
Location of closure: Approximately 400m West of the M60 motorway bridge and 1300m East of Bridgewater Marina.

The canal towpath is planned to remain open during the works, however please remain vigilant and obey any instructions posted locally.
Works to install the safety gates are programmed to be completed within the specified period of time. However, due to the nature of the work the Company cannot guarantee completion on the published date.
For further information or updates concerning progress of the works please visit the Bridgewater Canal website during the period of the closure.
The Bridgewater Canal Company regrets and apologises for any inconvenience that these necessary works may cause.

Notice 24/2015 dated 23rd September 2015

I wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been for Dot and Gordon on NB Ewn Ha Cul. Without them posting a comment on the blog we would have toddled all the way down there, only to be stuck in Leigh till the end of February!
Thanks guys, I hope you get through all right. Have a good winter. 

So now we’re rethinking our strategy…

Locks 2, miles 1.


KevinTOO said...

Excellent sewing skills Geoff, but perhaps one of these might have helped...

Sorry to hear that the Bridgewater has pulled the plug on your cruising plans. Hope you find a suitable diversionary route :)

Like the wine cellar, hope Mags lets you share a little of the space for your beer... LOL

NB Muleless said...

Wine cellar is looking really good! Hope you can find a way round the stoppages and back to the Midlands without waiting until March!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Kevin. Yes, that thimble would have been useful! About the wine cellar - Mags doesn't get a look in!
Hi Gary, Della. Not sure what we're doing yet, but it's nice up here anyway.