Saturday, October 03, 2015

Even Less!

If yesterday was not a lot, today was very little! I’d decided that it would be a nice spot to stop just above Dobson’s staircase locks, and that’s where we finished up.

I was just untying, Mags was on the tiller, when a chap shouted across the canal – “Are you going through the bridge?” When I told him yes he offered to do it for us. What a pleasant man. He’s from the marina, apparently.

I stayed off anyway, it’s one of those half-and-half bridges; swung under power but with manually operated road barriers.

Here comes Mags…

The 2-rise staircase is only a couple of hundred yards above the bridge.

In the lower chamber…IMG_7597

…it leaks a lot!
The cratch cover got a good wash!

Mags often attracts a crowd…IMG_7599

We made use of the sanitary station above the locks, then pulled in just 50 yards further on. It’s nice and open here, and it should be quiet tonight, although there’s a lot of cycle and foot traffic during the day.
There are a couple of circular walks from the village along the towpath, and a tea-rooms at a farm just up a bit. But it’ll do for tomorrow.

Opposite is a small group of horses. I guess flies must be a problem for them…

… the latest fashion in fly-repellent head-gear!IMG_7601

And last year’s more understated styles.

Now, I’m not a big rugby fan, but I’ve heard that tonight’s match is pretty important?
Locks 2, miles ½

Hi Mike. I guess he’s not using it any more. It was chained up in the open position yesterday.
Hiya Carol. I’ve got one on order. I’ll let you know how it performs…

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Carol said...

Thanks Geoff, although George has a different ‘dongle’ we’ll be interested to know if it performs well and where and how you decide to attach the aerial. x