Saturday, December 06, 2014

Just a short cruise.

I think we can say that winter is here. We had another frosty night, but it’s been a fabulous day. The wind has dropped, making it much more comfortable to be out and about.

With not far to travel today we didn’t pull pins till 11:00, with about 25 minutes to go to Fradley Junction.

Beautiful early winter morning


If all winter cruising was like this I’d be reluctant to be out in the summer. Unfortunately it’s not!

I was off the boat to open the swing bridge at the junction, then Mags turned left as Meg and I walked up to Middle Lock to prepare it.

Around onto the Trent and Mersey opposite the Swan Inn.IMG_2768

Heading up the flight…

…and in Shadehouse Lock.IMG_2772

There was plenty of room on the pleasant moorings above the lock, so that’s where we stopped. We’ll stay here tomorrow and move on on Monday.

Locks 2, miles 1½

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