Friday, December 05, 2014

Bright but cold

We moved down the last section of the Coventry Canal today, intending to stop at Fradley Junction, but pulling in a bit sooner, at Bridge 90.
Meg likes it here; there’s a park for her to run around in, and we’re only 10 minutes from the village shop for a paper in the morning.

The day started grey and a bit damp, but the NW wind slowly increased, blowing the clouds away but bringing a breath of winter. Every so often there’d be a spattering of rain from an odd high cloud, but none that amounted to anything.

Bright as we prepare to move this morning.IMG_2755

Huddlesford Junction, where the Lichfield Canal heads off to join the Wyrley and Essington at Ogley Junction.


Or did do until closure in 1954. And may well do again soon.

Beyond the junction and under the railway the visitor moorings here are very popular for winter lurkers. IMG_2758
With a pub across the road and parking alongside, what could be better?

This morning there was one space on the 48 hour moorings, and none at all on the 24 hour. Some of these boats were here when we came the other way in October…

A bit of activity at Streethay WharfIMG_2760

Beautiful but chilly late autumn cruisingIMG_2761

Even the ducks were enjoying the sunshine!IMG_2763

Now we’re this close we’ll go up the locks from the junction tomorrow hoping for a Seyella-sized space above Shade House Lock. But we’ll wait till the temperature rises a bit first. Forecast -3° tonight…

Thanks for the note, Alf. Yes, I’d spotted that, but we’re not going that far up, in fact we’re turning back south at Great Haywood this time. I hope they get it fixed before next May, though…

Hi Paul. No updates yet, will let you know…

Locks 0, miles 3¼

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