Monday, December 29, 2014

Almost like summer.

Well, I did say almost…

Beautiful clear blue skies, no wind, but anywhere not touched by the sun still has a coating of last nights frost.

A thin sheen of ice lies in some of the lock chambers, tooIMG_3046

Shropshire Union Rope Trick
Frozen ropes are one of the downsides of frosty nights!

We were away before 11:00 today, looking at the downhill run to Audlem.

Audlem LocksIMG_3050

Care was needed on the lock sides…

But a fine trip down, nonetheless.IMG_3053

Meg enjoyed it too. There were plenty of dogs being walked up and down the flight, some up for a bit of a chase about.

We got to the moorings below Lock 11 at 12:10, just 90 minutes to do the 9 locks, and most were set against us. We thought it was a bit early to stop, so, after a mug of soup and a brew each we set off again, with the remaining 4 locks of the Audlem flight to do.

Audlem Mill and the Shroppie Fly, above Lock 13 IMG_3055

We topped up the water tank, and disposed of waste here, then pushed on accompanied by an inquisition three generational family.

We hadn’t seen a boat all day, in fact we haven’t seen one for several days, so imagine my surprise when we arrived at the bottom lock to find a boat arriving below. Then another! If only they’d got here sooner we’d have had the locks set for us, As it was the first boat would have had the “good road”.

Leaving Audlem Lock 15IMG_3056

Just to the west of Audlem the River Weaver reaches it's most southerly point and turns back to head north to Nantwich and Northwich. The canal crosses the infant river on an embankment with a culvert through it.

River Weaver, now north-bound

The extensive Overwater Marina, a mile below the locksIMG_3061

We reached the moorings at Coole Pilate at around 14:45, and called it a day. A good day.

Moored at Coole Pilate

Anyone for a barbie? George and Carol?

Nantwich tomorrow for pre-New Year shopping.

Locks 13, miles 3¼


Chas and Ann said...

Well a barbie would be just like Summer! But I know George likes to melt snow!

Carol said...

Did someone say a barbie …. where’s that then … we’re on our way!!