Sunday, May 25, 2014

Visitors and moving on, two wet days.

Yesterday started fine, Meg and I had a very pleasant walk around the lake formed when the Bradley Brook was dammed to build the Stockport-Warrington turnpike (now the A56) in 1824.

Lymm lower dam, alongside the main street.2014-05-24 08.09.54
Below this, a leat was constructed to take water to power two water wheels which drove the equipment in a slitting mill, situated in the valley bottom.

In the steep-sided valley north of the village centre, Meg having a paddle.2014-05-25 08.04.05

The mill produced strip and rolled iron from ingots brought in, and was built early in the 18th century.

Foundations of the mill
2014-05-25 08.06.18
The raised section in the middle was the wheel pit for one of the 16’ water wheels, the other was further over but was filled in during later developments on the site.

The outlet from the wheel pit of the other wheel 2014-05-25 08.08.08

The mill ceased operation in 1825.

Upstream the brook widens out above the main road, with a pleasant walk all the way around.

St. Mary’s on the rising ground opposite2014-05-24 08.15.56

Heavily wooded banks at the upstream end2014-05-24 08.21.16
A very enjoyable hour’s stroll.

Our visitors arrived about 11:00, unbeknown to Mags I’d invited John and Val, good friends from way back, over for lunch as we were easily accessible.
We had a good afternoon, so busy talking that it was almost too late when I went to get lunch from the local chippy. It was worth the wait though.
Bread and cakes were provided by Val, a fine baker, and eggs came fresh from their own chickens. Wonderful!

Mags, John, Val with Meg and Harry the wire-haired dachshund on the mat.2014-05-24 15.06.26

The dogs get on really well…
2014-05-24 15.04.21

“Gone on Meg, gi’s a kiss!!”
Meg and Harry

It rained all afternoon, but there were still plenty of boats up and down, steerers often sheltering under an assortment of umbrellas.
The downpour eased later, and we had a fine sunny evening to finish the day.

More rain moved in overnight, though once again today started reasonably dry.
We were off just before 10:00, seemingly the same time as everyone else!

Boats all over the place!SAM_9711

Leaving Lymm, this cob was well stressed, chasing all the boats away from his young family…


It rained on and off (more on than off) for most of today’s trip.
Not really, no!

A stop in Stockton Heath got rid of the rubbish and recycling at the depot alongside the canal, then a fill of diesel, a replacement gas bottle and a couple of bits out of the chandlery at Thorn Marine. A Magnum ice-cream each took care of an early lunch…

Purple rhododendron and yellow sycamore flowers brighten up a dull day near Walton HallSAM_9722

We were thinking of stopping at Moore but the weather showed signs of improvement, so pushed on to beyond Daresbury, pulling in near Red Brow Underbridge.

After a late lunch/early tea we sat down and watched an expensive (for the teams) Monaco Grand Prix. Several cars had bodywork rearranged around the tight, twisting track.
Hamilton has not forgiven Rosburg for the controversial result in the 3rd stage qualifying yesterday, but couldn’t make it past, finishing second and losing his lead in the driver’s championship. Should be an interesting season…

Should be back on C&RT waters tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 9

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