Friday, May 30, 2014

A lot quieter, two stress-free tunnel trips and a short river cruise.

We’ve been struggling for an internet connection for a few days, hence the lack of recent posts. but, all being well, tonight’s connection will be reliable enough to get up to date.

On Wednesday morning meg and I had a walk down to Dutton Locks on the Weaver, passing some very fine looking long-horned cattle on the way.

I don’t know what they’re called, but whatever they want is alright by me!2014-05-27 08.48.17

Dutton Locks from the towpath bridge…2014-05-27 08.51.37

…and the inevitable shot of poor old Chica.2014-05-27 08.57.44

We set off in good time to get to Saltersford Tunnel by 12:30, passing a very quiet Black Prince hire base at Bartington Wharf.SAM_9747
If this and Claymoore are anything to go by, the hire companies are doing well this Bank Holiday week.

Through the woods above the Weaver, heading for SaltersfordSAM_9753

Saltersford Tunnel, north portal and the timing instructions.SAM_9764

We were first this time, thankfully not repeating the performance in Preston Brook the other day. A boat was following us through, with a very bright light illuminating the tunnel behind.

Barnton Tunnel follows the pool in between the two tunnels, with an awkward unsighted entrance, then another under the road bridge on the other side.

Heron stalking

Arriving at Anderton we realised why it’s been so quiet out on the water; they’re all moored here!

Busy AndertonSAM_9775

We secured a spot opposite Anderton Marina, fairly good TV but dodgy phone and internet.

With the weather not looking so good we stayed put on Thursday, then yesterday turned around and picked up guests for a day-trip down on the river. Val and John and dog Harry joined us for the descent of the boat lift, up to Northwich for lunch, then along Barnton Cut to Saltersford Lock and back to below the lift.

We had to play chicken with the crew dredging downstream of the River Dane confluence…SAM_9777


John has a go on the tillerSAM_9781

Cygnet getting a ride.

On the way back we chased a cormorant, always difficult to photograph as they’re a bit shy.

Off he goes again…


…but finally posing for the camera.
The weather was reasonably fine, not sunny but mainly dry, the company was good, and a good day was had by all.

We stayed overnight below the lift, then caught the 10:45 passage up and moored, back on the canal again, at around half past eleven.

Last shot of the Anderton Boat LiftSAM_9793

We had a visitor for a brew this afternoon, Jennifer, off NB Mactras Filia, is back over from Tasmania for the summer, with husband Pete. Hope to see you further south later in the summer.

We’re heading down to Middlewich tomorrow, but we’ll probably stop at the flashes on the way down rather than do the whole trip in one go. After all, it’s 10 miles from here!

Locks 0, miles 12½


Nb Yarwood said...

Old English longhorn...handsome boy isn't he?

Geoff and Mags said...

A few kilos of prime beef there, I'd say!

Nb Yarwood said...

The sentiments of a carnivore!

Geoff and Mags said...

Oh yes, very partial to a nice juicy steak, me!