Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good days, bad days.

Tuesday was showery and unsettled, but it was a far better day yesterday. We were going to move on, but I’d some outside jobs I didn’t get done Tuesday, so we stayed put.

Meg and I went to visit the deer in the park first thing..

Mist rising off the canalSAM_9680

The old mill on the estate wasn’t primarily used for grinding grain, it’s main use was as a water-powered sawmill.


The deer were relaxing in the morning sunshine…SAM_9686


The sundial in front of the main entrance is carried by a moor representing Africa. It dates from the mid-18th century.SAM_9691

I bet this oak could tell some tales!

Busy bees in the rhododendrons

The main job in the fine weather was to get the platform that I built for coal and wood cleaned up and given a coat a decking oil.SAM_9701

Donald was refitted to the aerial. He’s been languishing in the well deck since we got the new aerial, but now he’s in his rightful place, looking ahead. I also put the England flag back up, Mags finds it useful as a wind-vane if she has to hover while waiting for me to get a lock ready. And I removed, cleaned and stowed the chimney… a bit premature that in the light of today’s weather.SAM_9702

Yes, today has been a complete contrast. A lot cooler, cloudy all day and with frequent spells of rain. Our postponed moving on was postponed once again.

I find no joy in cruising in the rain, but we really will have to go tomorrow, rain or shine. The forecast is a little better…

Thanks to KevinToo, Arthur, Shardlow Carol and Val for kicking off my fundraising for Macmillan. As I said, I’m aiming to raise £500, just another £448 to go!

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