Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slow boat(s) to Billinge Green…

I think we’ll have to adopt our usual summer cruising format; find somewhere pleasant to lay over on the weekends. There’s just too many boats about. In the spirit of generosity we should leave the water to the weekenders!

Meg’s walk this morning, reflections of the lattice footbridge at Barnton…DSC_0263

…and a storm of willow catkins float through the air and coat the water near the lift.

We left Anderton at around 10:00, filling up and emptying as required at the services, then toddling on through Marbury Wood.SAM_9795

We were tailing a slow-ish boat as we approached the Lion Salt Works, but a day boat out of Anderton pulled out in front of us, and things went from slow to dead slow. So slow in fact that we had to keep dropping out of gear. Now, we don’t travel fast, but this was ridiculous.

I politely asked him to pull over after 15 minutes of hinting, and he complied, allowing us and a following boat past.

Interesting idea at Wincham Wharf, The Pioneer wide-beam, tag line “ Wide Beam Luxury on the Trent and Mersey”. SAM_9796

At 60’ long x 9’ wide wide it’s not going to see much of the T&M… just the top 15 miles.
I guess the width is to allow passage of Dutton Stop Lock. Of course, the Weaver, via the boat lift, is an opportunity, and also the Bridgewater to the Leeds and Liverpool and the Rochdale.

Preening is a family occupation at Broken CrossSAM_9801

Work continues apace at the new marina on the towpath side south of Orchard Marina.SAM_9803

Although the buzz is that the other one at Billinge Green Flash will be finished first.

The dredging appears to be finished…

NB Four Seasons testing the depth…
That’s just about where the derelict workboat, possibly the ex. FMC Brill, was sat on the bottom as a depth marker.

We were amazed to see completely empty moorings on the larger and more southerly of the two flashes. Middlewich must be busy, all the southbound boats today must have headed there! 
Mind you, it was only 12:15.
We pulled in on the concrete edge just before the wide, we usually stop here if we can.

Yesterday afternoon I splashed some canal water on the roof and the cabin sides to spread out the muddy drips off the guillotine gates on the boat lift. I’ve found out in the past that if you leave them to go hard they’re the devil’s own job to get off.
This afternoon I’ve cleaned the right hand side and the roof, I might well swing her around tomorrow and do the other side. One thing we’re not doing is moving on to Middlewich till Monday!

Locks 0, miles 5½

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