Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Not a comfortable cruising day

But it is winter, after all!

Our Tesco order arrived as planned, by the time we got it all away it was gone 1 o’clock. We could have just pushed (been blown!) back across the canal and moored again, but the sky was showing signs of a bit of brightness, so we decided to move on.

Leaving the water point near HawkesyardSAM_8125

The Priory and the permanent moorings

At the end of the moorings is the narrow channel that used to be Armitage Tunnel. The roof was taken off in the past, but the passage is still only one boat width.

Armitage “Tunnel”SAM_8130

The advice is to send someone ahead to make sure the way is clear as there’s a blind bend at the far end, but, as we’ve not seen another moving boat since Sunday, we decided to chance it.
It would have been Sod’s Law if we’d met another boat, but there was once again no company on the water today.

Past Armitage Shanks sanitaryware factory, and the obligatory shot of loos….SAM_8136

The rain had eased, but it was still windy. These sheep, munching on the remains of the winter turnip crop, reflect the weather.


We’d intended to head for Woodend Lock, hoping to moor on the short length of piling above the landing.
But, I reasoned, what if there’s a boat already there? We’d have to drop down the lock and hope for a spot on the popular moorings above Shadehouse Lock. And if they were full? Another three locks down to Fradley Junction. I didn’t want to put Mags through that on a day like today, so pulled over between Kings Bromley Marina and Bridge 55.

The weather seemed to be improving when I took Meg out at around 4, but we were wet through again by the time we got home. Ah well.

Locks 0, miles 3

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Sue said...

Gosh it is glum out there at the moment for cruising.

At least when we get going we will be heading out with the wind behind us.. or maybe when we do the wind will come from the north.

Glad you are taking it easy and not putting in long days.

Mags is simply brilliant.. cant wait to meet up, which way are you going at Fradley? xx