Friday, February 07, 2014

Dull day, fine day.

Yesterday we moved the short distance to Woodend Lock, mooring just above as we’d planned on Wednesday. I’d walked down with Meg to make sure that the length of piling I wanted was empty. It was dull, and damp on occasion.

Today dawned bright and sunny, the birds were giving it up big time, there was a breeze but no wind, and we were on our way at around 10:45.

A boat (yes, a moving boat!) had come up the lock, so I just had to open the gate and usher Mags in.
Below the lock the canal takes a turn left, heading north-east on a half-mile straight to Shadehouse Lock.

Towards ShadehouseSAM_8141


Shadehouse Lock.SAM_8144

We only dropped down two of the five Fradley Locks, turning right at the junction onto the Coventry Canal.

Looking down from Middle Lock, The Swan in the distance on the left.SAM_8145

We topped up the water tank, then moored just beyond the water point.
We’ll be staying here tomorrow, waiting out the storm. We’ve seen half-a-dozen boats on the move today, but I doubt we’ll see too many tomorrow…

My latest carpentry project is coming along, slowly, but coming along. Should be ready for varnish after this weekend…

Hi Sue, according to the long range forecast we’ve got at least another couple of weeks of this! It’s that flaming jet-stream again. I wish it wouldn’t wander about so much….
We’re heading south as you’re heading north, via the Coventry and Oxford Canals. So we’re guaranteed to meet at some point. We’ll have to arrange it so we’re both stationary at the time! Looking forward to it.

Locks 3, miles 2½

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Sue said...

Hooray! Can't wait! :-D