Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bright and breezy to Fazeley

We seem to be having alternate days of good and bad weather.
We battened down the hatches yesterday, although the wind and rain didn’t really hit us till after lunch. But when it did you certainly knew about it!
Every so often the boat would heel to a violent gust, mooring lines and fenders creaking. And then I’d have to brave the elements and line up the TV aerial again!

In contrast this morning was bright, sunny and almost wind-free.SAM_8213

I took Meg for a walk up into Hopwas Woods this morning. We did the same yesterday, or tried to, but the bang and crash of a tree coming down further up the slope made me think that discretion was the better part of valour, as they say. We beat a retreat back to the towpath. Today was much more relaxing…SAM_8218


On Tuesday the River Tame was swollen, after the rain yesterday it’s swelled itself over the surrounding fields.

We weren’t in any rush to get going, and a couple of boats went past before we did.

Heading into the sun it was difficult getting pictures looking forward, but the views to the north more than made up for it.

Looking back to Hopwas, Hopwas Hays Wood rising in the background.SAM_8220

I bet that mast was swaying a bit yesterday!

It’s the Sutton Coldfield TV transmission mast, at 270.5 metres it’s signal can reach Oxford! It was extended from 225m in 2009 ready for the digital switch-over.
There’s been a mast here, transmitting for the BBC, since 1949. It stands on high ground to the north of the town, at an elevation of 560 feet above sea level. So the top is around 1450 feet up! At night it’s lit by a stack of red lights running up the structure.

There’s usually a gaggle of boats moored just below Sutton Road Bridge, it’s a handy access to a large retail park.SAM_8224
I was tempted, there was plenty of room today, but decided to stick to Plan A and stop in Fazeley.
Which we did, mooring almost opposite Peel’s Wharf.

SAM_8226We had a first today; our 40 Watt solar panel was delivering over 1 amp in the bright afternoon sunshine!

Wow, free power! We could run a third of the fridge off of that!

There won’t be much coming in from that source tomorrow. Another day of rain and wind in store, so we’ll be staying put. Again.

Locks 0, miles 2½


Sue said...

Nice to see that transmitter!

It is exactly in line with the one at Oxford on the compass.

When we were in Banbury we pointed the aerial at the Oxford transmitter and was getting Sutton Coalfield off the back of it!

I turned the aerial completely round and then lost that signal!

So back round it went to Oxford and on came Midlands Today..

Very odd!

No Direction said...

Hi Geoff.

Still reading your blog.

Sure that's not the Hints mast at O/S SK 163 043

Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you but the photo of the television mast is in fact the old ITV mast at Hints.
The BBC mast which now broadcasts a whole variety of tv and radio stations is on the outskirts of Sutton Coldfield.
Enjoy your cruising