Sunday, February 02, 2014

Maybe a touch of spring?

After the last couple of days of wet and windy weather, we could have been on another planet today! Such a change, warm, dry, sunny with just a gentle breeze.
I took my phone with me on this morning’s stroll with Meg, and took a few pictures around the junction.

The hire boats have overflowed onto the wharf…DSC_0136

Not much room under the aqueduct with the Trent being so full

Haywood Junction Bridge.DSC_0139
This is probably the flattest brick-built arch that can still be structurally sound.

We were away at around 10:45, just around the corner to Haywood Lock.

Haywood Lock, Lock House Tea Rooms on the offside.SAM_8093

We had a very steady cruise, the intention today was to get below Colwich Lock, where planned maintenance is to start tomorrow for a month. Work on the by-wash culvert, I think.

Looking back at Shugborough Hall and parkSAM_8095

The river is only a couple of feet below the bank, in fact a lot of the lower fields on the estate are flooded.

Dropping down Colwich Lock
There’s no sign of any equipment here ready for tomorrow, but according to the stoppages list it's still on.

The footpath across to the village is a little “seasonal”…SAM_8098

Colwich Church

There was a shooting party just below the tree line on the opposite side of the valley, blasting away at clays, but they weren’t bothering two pairs of buzzards circling over the fields.


A bit nearer and you can get a good shot this time of year. The low sun lights up the underside of the wings. In the summer all you get is a silhouette. Superb birds.

We pulled in just past Taft Bridge, opposite the pig farm. We’re the only boat here, in fact, apart from the day boat out of Anglo-Welsh, we’ve only seen three other boats on the move.

We may stay here tomorrow now all the stoppages are behind us.

Hi Linda, thanks for the comment. Looking forward to a) colder, crisper weather, or b) warmer, drier weather. Either will help with the mud…

Chas, Ann. Don’t worry, the canals will still be here when you’ve got sorted out. Looking forward to seeing you in March, all being well.

Hiya Sue. I had to explain what I meant by “Poste Restante”, then they struggled to find my package
when I went in to collect. Bring back the old Post Office!

Locks 2, miles 3

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Sue said...

Gutted that Post Office is gone. Such lovely people in there and I used it very often over the years.

I do find that when these Post Offices are inside shops like the Spa the people running them don't seem to have the foggiest idea even when you phone them they don't know what Post Restante is.

Trouble is now the Post Offices don't have to do that service anymore whereas before they HAD to.

Just means that we have to phone through to check each time..

Things are not what they used to be!