Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We waited out the weather…

….before moving. We did do the short hop through Alrewas on Saturday morning, mooring above Bagnall Lock. But that was through necessity. We’d had our 48 hours just above Alrewas Lock. It was raining then, as well.

We’d planned on moving today, the forecast said it was likely to be the best day this week and they weren’t wrong. It started out chilly and misty, but by the time I’d walked Meg, then tripped up to the Co-op, butcher and Post Office, the cloud was lifting and there was even a hint of sun!

Heading towards Fradley Junction, past the Happy Girlie Hen company.SAM_6654
Yes, the smallholding producing free-range eggs is really called that…

SAM_6658First lock today was Common Lock, halfway between Alrewas and Fradley Junction. We knew we’d have to wait here; we’d set off behind a boat that had just come up Bagnall Lock. Another boat was coming down as well, so we had a little bit of queue going on…

Although it was a fine day by now, we decided to moor at Fradley if there was room, so we had just two more locks to do, the first two of the five straddling the junction with the Coventry Canal.

Keepers Lock emptying….DSC_0130

…and filling again.DSC_0131

We needn’t have worried about mooring space, there were only two boats here when we arrived at shortly after 12. Just in time for lunch, an excellent pork pie from Coates the butchers in Alrewas.

Mouth-wateringly good!

NB Frodo’s Dream pulled in in front of us, and the couple aboard set to with bucket and cleaning cloths, then polish. I’d been meaning to do our cabin sides for a week or so, now the paint has hardened off, so they shamed me into doing the same. Anyway, I had my recently acquired electric polisher to try out…


Chamois leather + Carnuba wax + electric polisher = shiny boat.
Rinsing off, drying and polishing only took just over an hour, and the sun came out too. Result!

The weather is supposed to revert to the recent norm of rain and wind tomorrow, so we may well be staying put till Thursday. We’re in no rush anyway, we’re planning to meet up with NB Rock’n’Roll at Great Haywood on Monday.

Locks 3, miles 1½

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